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Windjammer 2004 Race Report
submitted by Craig Horsfield


Sailing got off to a great start on a very pleasant day again proving windjammer bring some good weather. Wind was light under 8 knots all day out of the south. There where 3 classes P2 been a one design start for five Olson 30ís, a good showing for the time of the year. All the starts where clean with no general recalls. The race committee did a stellar job getting racing off on time. In general the light wind and ebb tide made for an interesting beat up to a windward marks set under West Point. The standard inside up the break water did not always work as there was more pressure on the outside of the course.


The Olson 30 racing was very close with the all the boats taking a turn in the front. The Olsonís really did well in these light flat water conditions catching up to the back of the P1 fleet. Wild turkey managed to lead into the Windward mark and held of some challenges from Apocalypso and Enigma later in the race. Apocalypso did a great job from coming back from an over early at the start. The light wind and ebb tide. Race 2 brought much the same conditions light out of the south. For the Olsons there was a close taking duel up to the first weather mark. Lunch Box Apocalypso and Wild Turkey all trying to get there first. Lunch Box snuck out with some more pressure in the middle to round ahead holding off everyone else to the end. Wild Turkey hit the windward mark and this ended up been very expensive in the race dropping them to 3rd. All the boats where having problems at the leeward mark, Wild Turkey not getting the spinnaker down and rounding with it flying out the back. Apocalypso had a spinnaker pole in the water and Lunch box with traffic problems


The wind dropped completey and most boats started the long trip home in no wind as every one thought this would be the end of racing. The O30 made it to W dock and just tied up and waited. Then a little wind filled in again from the south. The race committee started the sequence again and there was a made rush back. With only 1 point between Wild Turkey, Apocalypso and Lunch Box, anything could happen. This turned out to be a little bit of a frustrating race, the wind dropped and dropped all the fleets struggling to make the mark. Then again downwind hot angles where the only way to get the boat to move. Apocalypso had extended quit a bit on Lunch Box and Wind Turkey, just about sealing the results for the regatta. The convergence zone again was not done messing with the results. The wind came back from the west and north. This got Lunch Box out on the wrong side and Wild Turkey and Enigma snuck in ahead. Keith on Apocalypso did a great job winning the first regatta of the year. The Olson 30 had some great light weather racing.