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PSSC 2003


PSSC was a far different affair in 2003 compared with the fog and no wind of 2002. Sat and Sunday saw winds from 5 to 18knts. More pressure on Sunday saw most the Olson 30 switch to the No3 Headsails. Lunch Box been the only boat to stay on the No 1 all weekend, this proved to be quick at times. It was good to have Sidewinder up from Tacoma for the weekend, much thanks go to the Jones for coming up to join the fleet here in Seattle. MOF could not make the trip due to bad weather in the PNW blocking then in in Victoria.


Sat saw 4 races getting off with Lunch Bog and Enigma splitting for the 1st place all day. Wild Turkey getting in the mix with 2nds seeming to always be there in a close neck and neck finish with Lunch box in race 1 and Enigma in Race3, in this race the two boats did not separate by more than a length on the way to the finish with the lead changing 3 or 4 times the difference was only a few feet in the end.. Lunch box managed to come back well from on over early in these races also to get back in front bunch.


In the first race the whole fleet was converging on the mark on the starboard layline all very close, a last moment left shift saw most the boats under the mark and not laying. Lunch Box was the only boat in the a good spot. Enigma lead to the mark but hit it as the shot to make it at the last minute, but falling short. They did a 360 falling back in the placing. However the placing got changed again on the next leg as the pressure filled in on the left and Enigma having split from the fleet managed a big come back to cross ahead of the lead pack and hold to the end.


The last race of the day saw  the results get turned upside down. At the start 5 boats where over the line early (most at the committee boat leaving us to wonder about a General recall) and with the numbers been hailed rather late only Lunch Box and Wild Turkey returned to restart. Orcrist having their best race lead the fleet to the windward mark followed by the rest. The leeward leg was reachy with incredibly close racing where the lead boats were separated only by half boatlengths. Orcas made an appearace swimming North through the fleet! The leeward mark saw Sidewinder pass Orcrist, but in the end it didnt matter, as Enigma would win and Orcrist, Bad Dog and Apocalypso would incurred OCSs. This left the results very close at the top for Sunday, Enigma and Lunch Box tied for 1st followed by Wild Turkey. Apocalypso was also sailing very well but had to OCS that where hurting the score card.


Sunday came with some increase in the wind pressure and lots to sail for on the water. Racing got of to an on time start but with the Olson starting in p6 the wait seemed like a long time. 3 Races where sailed. The first 2 in more pressure and most boats sporting No3 headsails. Racing was close with many boats together at every mark making for some very exciting sailing.  Both the lead boats Wild Turkey and Lunch box had problems while leading, Lunch box had a halyard problem and had to drop there headsail just after rounding a mark. Wild Turkey broke there main Clew Strap on the upwind leg and having repair this after caring a badly trimmed main upwind for a last bit of the leg.


This is what One Design racing is all about CLOSE RACING with lots of lead changes. No race was lead from start to finish, most races saw the lead change on every leg. All in all there was far to much happening on the water to describe. I can only suggest that you join the fun on the water if you find this interesting.


Final score line saw Lunch box in 1st followed by Wild Turkey and Enigma.


PSSC 2003 Results