SOCKS 2003


Six Olsons made it out to SOCKS, on Saturday and Sunday. It was nice to have Trevor (M.O.F) down from Victoria BC.  It was a really a pity that we did not see more boats out for some very good one design racing.


The first race got of in a nice southerly of about 8-10knts. With the big ebbing tide and the wind slowly going to the SW heading straight for the breach on starboards was the way to go. Wild Turkey led around the first windward mark. With the wind now in the SW it was a must to gybe at the windward mark. Wild Turkey continued to lead to the finish, closely followed by MOF who recovered from and over early to come back very strong second place with Aliens in third.


Race two was raced shortly after the finish. Wild Turkey and MOF where over early and had to go back, proving to be costly for them. Aliens Bad Dog, and Lunch Box. Headed for the left and rounded the Weather mark ahead with Wyewacket MOF and Wild Turkey behind. The wind died after this race and slowly moved into the NW with some thunder storms moving through to the west. Lunch Box made it in first place followed by Bad Dog and Aliens.


The NW wind filled after about and hour break, the start saw the fleet have different strategies with some of the boats sporting No3 Jibs as the breeze had freshened. The No3 jibs where a poor option as the wind started to drop remarkable before the any of the boats reached the weather mark. Aliens and Lunch Box lead away holding the front to the finish.


The final race of the day was a rather long, in the very light wind.  Wild Turkey rounded ahead after a right shift on the first windward leg closely followed, by Aliens MOF and Lunch Box. The wind got very light as the boats approached the leeward mark which was right up on the east shore. The four lead boats where in a close battle up to the finish with the wind shifting lots. Aliens finished ahead, followed by Wild Turkey and MOF.


Sunday brought two races in a light SW wind. Racing started earlier at 10:30, and on time. The first saw Aliens and Wild Turkey lead up to the windward mark where Aliens rounded in the lead. Wild Turkey had a problem rounding and fell to the back of the pack. Lunch Box and MOF chased hard on a light down wind leg into the beach south of Edmonds. Wyewaket and MOF had a collision at the mark but there was no major damage. Aliens took the gun followed by Lunch Box and MOF.


The last race got off in a shifting and very light breeze. Wild Turkey charged at the pin and was over early. The boats led out to the left as the ebb was still very strong. MOF pulled ahead by the weather mark. Aliens and Lunch Box pushed very hard downwind in some very light conditions. MOF weathered the battle to round ahead and held onto that lead till the end. This was an important win for MOF moving them up to third in the standings.


A good weekend was had by all fun sailing and some sunshine to round it all off. Aliens finished 1st followed by Lunch Box and MOF.


See you at the next event (Wed Night Interim Series Race 2)